Roger and his wife, Gaye Sandler and their team of experienced gardeners have gained recognition for their meticulous attention to detail. Their gardening team has been with them for many years and are well equipped to handle the rigors of landscaping in the city environment. They are the proud design and maintenance team behind many gardens throughout New York, including several that have won awards or been highlighted in important trade publications.

Rogerís wife Gaye was born and raised in the UK where she worked as a fashion stylist. She is an essential and vibrant member of the Roger Miller Gardens team. Gaye uses her sharp eye for aesthetics, trained on music video sets, to help source the perfect dogwood or juniper for dynamic and visually stimulating gardens.


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From left to right Steven Dean, Gabriel Riley, Brian Schwartz, Jed Holdren, Owen Emerson, Ruth Steiner, Yiannis Fikis, Rikky Walsh, Marcel Yeoh, Ryan Garifine, Alex Bayo